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The school has an inclusive admission policy.  We are of course aware that appropriate facilities are required to be truly inclusive.  A learning centre for children with difficulties is available at the school in collaboration with Orkids,  an organization specializing in teaching children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

We believe that every child is important.  Children who progress well within the school’s curriculum and learn meaningfully need our appreciation and encouragement.   Those facing difficulties need it even more.   The school counselor helps identify and support children with learning or behavioral problems.    Parents are guided if outside expertise is required.  Remedial learning programmes are organized if possible for small group teaching or individual teaching. 

For a child who might need it,  his parent may be allowed to sit in the class-room or a special educator or shadow-teacher appointed.


A special program was aired on NDTV Profit, which covered the work the school is doing in the field of learning disabilities. The focus was on dyslexia.

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Cambridge Primary School NFC dyslexia NDTV Part 1....
Cambridge Primary School NFC dyslexia NDTV Part 2....




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